--Megan, 22
---The Lord, Family, Friends, country music, football (Boomer Sooner) and fishin

---KIP MOORE is my favorite artist. He's ridiculously talented and underappreciated.

---I once sang with Brantley Gilbert...for that reason, Kick It In the Sticks will forever be MY song

--Eric Church's "Blood Sweat and Beers" Tour was the first concert I ever went to on March 8, 2012. He's the second greatest show I've ever seen (right behind George Strait).

---Concert junkie

---I love learning about new artists and following their journey.

---Wanna know, ask :)

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OneRepublic was fantastic.
The openers weren’t bad, either.
My little sister now has a crush on Jamie Scott. I happen to think country music would maybe claim him from the sounds of him tonight.
She cried when OneRepublic finally took the stage. I’d call that a successful evening.

Ok, OneRepublic fans…I get it now.

I wasn’t expecting to, quite frankly, love the show as I did. I was mostly going because I got my sister the tickets for her 14th birthday. She’s a huge, huge fan of theirs and I was just going to enjoy the trip along with her. I wanted to experience HER excitement over seeing her favorite band, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I knew a majority of the songs just from listening to them lately, but I really only knew four or five of the songs. I kept track of the set list but realized afterwards that I forgot one song, a cover, because I thought it was the end of another song. My little sister said she’d help me fill in the blanks and get the correct titles (I just wrote whatever sounded good) for the songs over the weekend, so I can share it if anybody wants to know.
Ryan Tedder was so happy to be back home in Tulsa, and the crowd was happy to have him back.
I wish I could say a lot more like I can over the artists I’m obsessed with, but I guess y’all will just have to go experience the show yourselves. But I will say
—Ryan Tedder NEVER stops moving..He’s worse than a maggot in hot ashes.
—The guitarist (forgive me, I don’t know anybody’s name other than Ryan’s) is a BEAST. Oh my gosh. Before, I think, the start of “Counting Stars”, he had a solo for about 5 minutes. They walked out on stage and he started the song. Ryan said, “That wasn’t good. The last five minutes were infinitely better than that. It’s okay, no it’s not okay. Retry that.” haha
—I’d see them again. As a country music concert fanatic to the max, I would go see OneRepublic again, no doubt. Ryan promised us, when they came back they’d have “New music, a new album, better clothes and would be more attractive….if that’s even possible”.

Oh, also, their new single, “I lived”…THAT’S A GREAT SONG.


Purple mountain majesty. Photo credit: @kedz_souladventures #MtHood #REI1440Project


Purple mountain majesty. Photo credit: @kedz_souladventures #MtHood #REI1440Project

Well, on the plus side, I get to at least see the kickoff of college football.

Now, I gotta help my sister with her algebra homework (which I’m very excited about..I miss it) then we have to get ready for the show! :)

In honor of 8 weeks til I see him headline again, here’s my “Throwback Thursday”..The first time I saw Kip headline, 10.10.13. :)


Any fans of the show American Pickers on History? Well we are but we are also a fan of The Grascals! Here’s their video for their song “American Pickers” featuring Dierks Bentley and Mike Wolfe American Picker! See The Grascals live September 19! bit.ly/WKk1NW



On The Case—Kip Moore

Kip Moore and CASE dedicate this song to the hard-working men and women who commit their lives to constructing the world where we live, work and play. Thank you for all you do. (x)

As the child of very, very hard-working parents, one of them being a carpenter and framer, I must say, this video hits home. But, I think it could be dedicated to anybody that’s ever had to work hard in their life. It’s a great, great song and a great video, too. Just makes me respect Kip even more. He knows his fans, and he knows them well. I’m sure the vast majority are hard-working people and it just leads me back to him being so awesome for thinking of us when it came to ticket cost and not so much about a big production and all that comes with it during this tour this fall.

I don’t know but Kip’s just the perfect man who understands what it’s like to work for what you got.

And that. A decade in Nashville before he was recognized, and he still busts his butt daily. He always wants to be better than he was. He’s always working hard. You have to respect that. I’m not saying there aren’t more like him in the genre, because I know there are, but just, yes, he’s perfect. I agree.